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Broadband connectivity is crucial for access to the modern economy, as well as engagement in contemporary civic and political life. Without adequate study of the availability of broadband connectivity, policymakers are left in the dark as they design programs to modernize communications infrastructure and ensure that telecommunications companies provide broadband/Internet service at the minimum speeds required to take full advantage of online resource.

You can visualize speed tests results across the United States on this map. Results such as download speed, upload speed and others can be grouped by counties, census tracts and many more areas.

Then, run the test to measure the actual speed of your Internet connection. This platform is run by the scientific community. We make all test results publicly available via the website to help promote Internet research. M-Lab’s Network Diagnostic Tool collects a number of measures of different facets of your Internet connection. The information published includes each device’s IP address, but does not include personal identifying information about you as an Internet user.

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